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African Caribbean Kidney Association (ACKA)

The African-Caribbean Kidney Association is a volunteer Chapter aimed to help individuals of African and Caribbean origin understand and manage their risk for kidney disease.   
ACKA strives to be a conduit within the African Caribbean community to provide supportive programs to individuals living with or at kidney disease who are in need, and to implement strategies to raise public awareness of risk factors, and prevention of complications from kidney disease. 

Know the facts & get tested! 

African Caribbean include peoples of West Indian background and whose ancestors were primarily indigenous to Africa. The African Caribbean community is included in the high-risk ethnic group and has a disproportionate burden of chronic kidney disease, which tends to have an earlier onset and a more rapid progression in this population.  Many of the factors responsible for the rapid progression of kidney disease in the African Caribbean community are detectable by screening and reduced through lifestyle modification.  Prevention plays a critical role in improving health. It is important to be educated on how to identify and reduce your risk of chronic kidney disease.   

Take care of your health and get checked. Get tested and know your risk factors.  Know your blood pressure level. Know your glucose level. Know your creatinine level. Know your Body Mass Index (BMI). 

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