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Melanie's Story

"On December 17th, 2020, I donated my right kidney to a perfect stranger."
While scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a post asking for someone with an O+ blood type to consider donating a kidney. As a frequent blood donor and organ donor supporter, I didn’t think much of it and sent an email to the address requesting more details. 

I was told to contact the MUHC where I was put in contact with their kidney donor transplant coordinator.  For months, I did several medical tests to verify my health status.  If I could think of any selfish benefit for being a live donor, it’s definitely that I have been checked from head to toe!  I received a complete healthy bill of health.

From the day I answered the Facebook post to the day of our surgery, it was almost 8 months.  (Covid delays!). On December 17th, 2020, I donated my right kidney to a perfect stranger.  Both my recipient’s medical team as well as my medical team were very happy with the surgeries. I was home the following evening!

Ten months later, I do not have any side effects, nor will I have any lasting effects from the surgery. The laparoscopic method leaves very small scars. I am just as healthy today as I was prior to the surgery, and nothing has changed! (for me!)

I am thrilled to report that my recipient, Carolyn is doing amazing and has accepted my kidney without any signs of rejection!  Carolyn and I have become very good friends, and some may even say kidney sisters!!!

Melanie Goettisheim (photo : on left)