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Dave’s Story

You Can’t Put A Price On This Gift

Dave’s story started long before he even knew that he had kidney disease.  For almost 10 years, Dave’s diagnosis was unclear.  He suffered from headaches and high blood pressure and it wasn’t until his kidney function dropped to under 40% that he was diagnosed with kidney disease. 
In 2014, Dave started what would be the beginning of 16 months of dialysis treatments.  Dave’s dialysis was done at home and when hemodialysis was needed in a hospital setting they came to St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg.
In 2015, Dave’s 3 sisters and his wife would begin the steps to see if they could become his living donor.  His youngest sister would be a match but would later have her own kidney issues which would prevent her from donating.  His sister stepped in and took her place. 
Dave struggled at first with the idea of taking someone’s organs.  “I wasn’t sure I could accept it.”  “You can’t expect someone to give up a part of their body to you.”  “How do you put a price tag on this type of gift?” “It’s not like I can give it back!”  These were all thoughts and questions that Dave asked himself and his family.  
It was with their love and support that Dave found the grace to accept this life changing gift and on August 4, 2016, Dave got his new kidney.  Even today he speaks about not knowing how bad he felt until he got the new kidney, and recognizes the gift he received from his sister. 
His sister and donor, Susan talks about how they are now closer than ever because of this gift to both her brother and his wife.  Even though this initially slowed her down following the surgery, they are both feeling great.
Dave and his family are strong supporters of the Pembina Valley Kidney Walk.