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COVID-19 impact on research competitions, grants and awards

The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly and charities’ ability to raise funds has been severely impacted by social distancing restrictions to control the pandemic, and by the economic recession. This situation is forcing The Kidney Foundation of Canada to implement temporary measures to mitigate financial risks and continue operations. These mitigation strategies were developed in consultation with the Foundation’s Research Council.
Our priority is to honour ongoing grants and awards across the country. The Kidney Foundation remains strongly committed to research and to fulfilling all current research commitments. These are unprecedented times, and we have been required to take the measures outlined below to ensure the long-term continuity of the Foundation and its ability to fund kidney research. Our staff are working remotely and we will continue to support the research community as we collectively navigate these challenges.
We will update the information below on a regular basis.  For questions please contact Christine Marquis, Research Grants & Awards Manager at


Update:  2020-07-14

Medal for Research Excellence 2020
All Kidney Foundation National Awards will be cancelled this year. The 2020 MRE Nominees will be brought forward to next year’s round of 2021 MRE call for nominations.

Kidney Foundation & KRESCENT - Current Grants and Awards
The hold on payments for ongoing grants and awards has been lifted. Payments can resume in July 2020.

Kidney Health Research Grants 2020
The Foundation is committed to funding new grants awarded by the peer review panel in the last 2020 competition. The first payment for the funded applicants will be sent in October 2020.

KRESCENT Competition 2020
The Peer Review Panel was held. The first payment for the funded KRESCENT awardees will be sent in October 2020. 

Allied Health Kidney Competition 2020
The Peer Review Panel was held. The first payment for the funded AHK applicants will be sent in October 2020.


Kidney Health Research Grants Competition
This competition is postponed.  The Foundation would like to run the competition, but this will depend on the KFOC’s financial situation.  If the competition gets launched, the deadline dates will be pushed back.