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  • Gwen Herrington
    Dawson Creek, BC
  • Peter Nickerson
    University of Manitoba


  • Todd Alexander
    KRESCENT Program Director
    University of Alberta
  • Dr. Catherine Clase
    KRESCENT Peer Review Committee
    McMaster University
  • Dr. Indra Gupta
    Co-Chair, Biomedical Scientific Committee
    McGill University
  • Dr. Lori Harwood
    Chair, Allied Health Scientific Committee
    London Health Sciences Center
  • Dr. Chris Kennedy
    Chair, Biomedical Scientific Committee
    University of Ottawa
  • Elizabeth Myles
    National Executive Director (non-voting)
    The Kidney Foundation

Canadian Society of Nephrology

Dr. Deb Zimmerman
University of Ottawa

Staff Support

Stéphanie Lord-Fontaine
National Director of Research
The Kidney Foundation