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(formerly Biomedical Scientific Committee)


Indra Gupta
MUHC Research Institute

Scientific Officers

Rita Suri
McGill University



  • Ahsan Alam
    Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Andrey Cybulsky
    McGill University
  • Richard Gilbert
    St. Michael's Hospital
  • Ana Konvalinka
    Toronto General Hospital
  • Joan Krepinsky
    McMaster University
  • Serge Lemay
    McGill University
  • Keir Menzies
    University of Ottawa
  • Istvan Mucsi
    University Health Network
  • David Naimark
    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center
  • Rulan Parek
    The Hospital for Sick Children, Research Institute
  • Frances Plane
    University of Alberta
  • Darren Richard
    University of Toronto
  • Paul Ronksley
    University of Calgary
  • Rej Soham
    Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Manish Sood
    Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Karthik Tennankore
    Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Sandra Turcotte
    Université de Moncton
  • Brad Urquhart
    Western University

Ex-officio Members (non-voting)

  • Peter Nickerson
    Chair, Research Council
    University of Manitoba
  • Nicolas Fernandez
    Co-Chair, Research Council
    Université de Montréal
  • Elizabeth Myles
    National Executive Director
    The Kidney Foundation

Staff support

  • Stéphanie Lord-Fontaine
    National Director of Research
    The Kidney Foundation
  • Christine Marquis
    Research Grants & Awards Manager
    The Kidney Foundation