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Dec 7, 2021

Support For People Living with Kidney Disease

There’s no cure for kidney disease. There are currently over 51,000 Canadians receiving treatment for kidney failure and countless more are at risk. Receiving the news that you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive Is overwhelming to say the least. Family members, doctors and members of your health care team will doubtlessly be a valuable resource. But chances are, you may need other sources of support.
The Kidney Foundation offers a variety of support services and programs to help those living with kidney disease and their families. Here are just a few:
Informational Materials
The learning curve can be steep when you’ve been confronted with a new health condition. Nevertheless, being well informed is important when it comes to managing your disease. The useful and easy to understand information found in manuals and leaflets, designed with the patient in mind, have proven to be very valuable.
Short-Term Financial Assistance
Unexpected expenses can sometimes accompany a kidney disease diagnosis, such as travel costs to the hospital or dialysis clinic. At the same time, the need for dialysis treatments three times a week can severely limit one’s ability to earn a living. It’s for that reason let the Foundation provides short-term financial assistance to help bridge the gap during a difficult time.
Peer Support
Sometimes, the best resource is someone who has lived experience.  Our peer support program matches newly diagnosed kidney patients with volunteers who understand and can provide valuable insight.
Adjusting your diet can be a crucial component in managing your kidney disease. Although dietary restrictions may vary from one person to another, the kidney community kitchen website is an outstanding resource for general information, meal planning, recipe ideas, and much more.

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