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Sylvie Charbonneau, National PresidentSylvie Charbonneau
National President

In 2010, kidney disease went from being an issue of which Sylvie was little aware, to being front-and-centre in her life when her 27-year-old son Benoit first told his parents that his kidneys were failing. Soon, he would require dialysis treatments or a transplant to survive. Immediately, Sylvie and her husband André began the necessary tests to determine their compatibility as potential living kidney donors. Remarkably, both were matches, however, Sylvie’s kidney function was slightly better.

The transplant surgery took place on December 6, 2012. It was a success and Sylvie got her son back.

What followed was a period of recovery and learning. It was at that time that Sylvie was introduced to The Kidney Foundation. “I started out small, helping with events and offering some pro-bono work to the Quebec chapter,” she recalls. “But as my involvement grew and I joined the branch board of directors—and eventually became President—I started to really see and appreciate the grand scope of what The Kidney Foundation does.”

With each passing year, her commitment to the Foundation has deepened, joining the National Board of Directors in 2015, eventually serving as vice-president and now, president.