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The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to patient services, public education, organ donation awareness and communications. The Saskatchewan Branch offers a well-integrated system of programs and services emphasizing information and referral, educational materials, emergency short term financial assistance and peer support. For further information on the programs and services offered please contact Erin Gray at :


*306.664.8588 extension 223
*toll-free in Saskatchewan 1.888.664.8588 extension 223
*Erin Gray at


Living Organ Donor Expense Reimbursement Program (LODERP)

The Saskatchewan Branch of The Kidney Foundation of Canada is making it easier for people to become living organ donors. People who decide to become a living organ donor to a Saskatchewan resident are now eligible for reimbursement of some of the expenses they may incur. Saskatchewan Health has provided funding to launch a reimbursement program for donors. Up to $5,500 in compensation will be available for each living donor. The Kidney Foundation will administer the program. 


What expenses are covered by LODERP  

LODERP income verification form

LODERP cover letter

LODERP loss of income certificate

LODERP application form 

LODERP travel support letter    

LODERP application checklist


Emergency Short Term Financial Assistance

The Kidney Foundation of Canada recognizes that many of the expenses associated with kidney disease are borne directly by patients and their families. In response to ensuing financial hardship, the Foundation provides short-term financial assistance to eligible applicants. This is an emergency service, short-term aid to ease the financial burden associated with renal disease and its treatment. To apply for assistance please contact the renal social worker or local social worker at your renal unit who will submit an application on your behalf if appropriate.

Short Term Financial Assistance guidelines

Short Term Financial Assistance application



Kidney Connect Peer Support Toll Free 1-866-390-PEER (7337)
When a diagnosis of kidney disease is given, people can feel overwhelmed and may want to talk to someone who has “been there”. We offer a peer support program with trained, experienced volunteers. Contact Sarah as indicated above or call the toll-free number listed above to connect with a peer support volunteer.


Information and Referrals

Foundation staff and volunteers cannot offer direct medical advice but we can provide useful information about kidney disease and treatment options. Information and referral services are intended to guide patients through the sometimes confusing and stressful process of adjusting to living with kidney disease.For further information or to receive copies of our National Publications please contact Sarah as above.


The Kidney Foundation of Canada was created out of a desire to advocate on behalf of those affected by kidney disease. The Foundation continues to be active on national, provincial and local levels to ensure that the concerns of members are heard. If you have an issue that you would like to suggest to the Branch Advocacy Working Group, please email Erin Gray at or call 1-888-664-8588 ext. 223


Saskatchewan Chronic Kidney Disease (SK CKD) Steering Committee
One of the largest ways that the Saskatchewan Branch advocates for its members is through involvement with the Saskatchewan Chronic Kidney Disease Steering Committee. The SK CKD Steering Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Saskatchewan Health regarding policies, programs, priorities and resources aimed at meeting the health needs of Saskatchewan residents who are receiving renal services or who may be at risk for developing a need. The Steering Committee: coordinates and makes recommendations on all aspects of a coordinated Renal Program for the province; coordinates prevention and early detection strategies, including dialysis and renal transplantation.


Public Education on Kidney Health

The Saskatchewan Branch offers public education through a variety of ways:  brochures, presentations, Kidney Health Education Days and displays.  If you or your organization is interested in education about kidney health please contact Erin at or 306.664.8588 ext. 223.



Saskatchewan Branch - 1-2217 Hanselman Court, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A8 - Tel.: (306) 664-8588 / 1-888-664-8588
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